About Us

Elements of Life Institute and Wellness Center

A message of self awareness, strength and hope

Elements of Life Institute and Wellness Center is built around the idea that anything is possible. Whether we look at the possibilities for healing or our own personal physical, emotional and spiritual growth , we hold within us the key to overcome anything that is keeping us from growing into our ultimate potential.

Each instructor's and practitioner's goal is to help every individual find hope in their healing journey in both the Institute and the Clinic.



Certified and Licensed Ecclesiastic Health Provider

Chinese Energetic Medical Practitioner

Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Current Continuing Training

Sifu Jerry Alan Johnson - Transform and Chinese Energetic Medicine

Sifu William Welch - Daoist Mysticism

Sifu Diego Sanmiquel - Senior Instructor under Dr. Johnson

Dr. Chris Holder- DMQ

Lama Lar - Larry C. Short - Wowist Training

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake - Bagua Training

Dann Hone - Ancient Studies and Culture

David Eugene Pontius - Naturopathic and Holistic Training

Past Training

Sifu Kelly Ryan Lake - 2.5yrs Daoist Mysticisms Studies

Dr. Bernard Shannon - Practitioner 2 DMQ Series

Dr. Tony D'Angelo - 2yrs 2015-2017

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Body Talk Practitioner - Loesje Jacobs